Procida Peshtemal Beach Towel

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This peshtemal towel takes its vibrant colour cues from the picturesque houses, streets and greenery of Procida Island in Napoli Bay, Italy’s 2022 Capital of Culture. It’s soft as velvet yet durable to withstand any surface. The towel’s artisanal design makes it a luxurious home textile, whether as wall art or a table runner. Use it as a baby towel, or a mat for yoga on the beach. Its sand-free, compact and lightweight weaving makes room in your bag, absorbs a lot of water, and dries quickly after a swim. Drape the towel around your shoulders or waist to look classy.

  • Made in Turkey
  • 100% cotton
  • Size: 95 x 175 cm
  • Machine wash about 30°C / Air dry or tumble dry low heat
  • Becomes more absorbent after 2-3 washes