Who We Are?

weaver traditional shuttle hand loom

Marsikoh is a lifestyle brand established in Italy in early 2020. Founded by Didem Etyemez and Christian Marsiglia, an Italian-Turkish couple, in hopes to deliver sustainable and culturally influenced beach, home, and baby products through an online platform.

Marsikoh Beach

The Marsikoh Beach Collection is inspired by East-West artisanal textiles that capture the sights and culture of the Mediterranean, from the marine coves of the Italian coast to lush green hiking trails of the Greek Islands. Our textiles are made in countries including Turkey and Kenya, crafted by expert artisans at the top of the textile industry. We pair our commitment to delivering stylish, meticulously crafted products with a passion for outdoor life in all its splendor.

Marsikoh Home

The pandemic has taught us the importance and the value of indoor life, which are the environments we share with our loved ones. Thus, Marsikoh Home was introduced. Our Home Collection offers a wide range of elegant and durable fabrics and accessories that can blend exquisitely with any home. We want to make homes the oasis of freshness and elegance, while truly reflecting your personal style.

Marsikoh Baby

Marsikoh Baby Handmade is hand-crafted by experienced artisans who have long and proven experience in the ancient tradition of crochet. Inspired by our own and the pureness of newborn children, this collection includes an array of handmade and environmentally-safe clothes, shoes, and accessories in designs ranging from more neutral and chic to bold and playful. 

Our Values

All of our products are crafted with eco-friendly and sustainable materials, because we believe respecting the health of our environment means respecting our own health. After all, we’re inseparable from nature. Due to the time and unique craftsmanship that goes into making each product, we only produce a limited quantity of every product.

With its pillars of comfort, versatility, intricate creative design and sustainability, Marsikoh is a trusted brand that brings the beauty and vitality of nature closer to you.



Marsikoh is a registered Italian trademark owned by Brandium Group S.r.l