What is Peshtemal?

What is Peshtemal?

What is Peshtemal - Turkish Towel?

Peshtemals also known as a Turkish towels or Hammam towels are very fluffy and soft towel, and they remain so through many successive washings .They are tightly woven which makes them quite strong and long-lasting along with being quite colorful. These Turkish towels won their worldwide popularity thanks to their softness, absorbency and versatility.


Where is come from?

The Peshtemal firstly comes from the Ottoman Empire, which is present-day Turkey, and was created many centuries ago. They have been firstly used as a traditional cloth in Turkish Hammams. The influence of the Ottoman Empire extended to Europe, where towels were imported in large quantities. Soon, they spread all over the world and have become one of the most popular types of towels in the world. The modern Turkish/Hammam Towels that we use today have evolved from this historical hammam tradition. Turkey is famous for producing some of the highest quality cotton in the world. Turkish cotton has super-long fibers – much longer than the basic cotton fibers used in other types of towels.


Why is so popular?

Peshtemal is not just an ordinary towel! There are many reasons that make Peshtemal so popular across the world.


  • Durable:  Thanks to their extra-long cotton fibers used in the creation of the Hammam towel, it will actually get softer and more absorbent after each washing. It may sound counterintuitive at first, but barring some extreme use, the Peshtemal is quite durable and gets better with each wash.


  • Lightweight: Peshtemals are thinner than an ordinary terry towel and dry very quickly which makes them ecofriendly. They are light and take up less space than an ordinary towel, which makes them perfect companion for travelling.


  • Versatile: The best reason why these towels are so popular is their versatility. In addition to be a good quality and very absorbent towel, they also have many kind of uses as well. These multipurpose towels can be used as a Beach towel, sarong/pareo, baby stroller blanket, yoga/gym towel, excursion/mountain towel, sofa throw, garden swing blanket, picnic blanket and more… The versatility of the Peshtemal makes it one of the most desired types of towels!


 Turkish towel peshtemal


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