Seabed Batik Towel

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The Batik is an Indonesian technique for creating classy designs on fabrics through wax resistance, making it waterproof in some areas of the fabric. The Seabed Batik Collection has gorgeous designs reminiscent of the cool hues of the sea! The “Batik effect” is wonderful to elevate your home interior - you can use it as a tablecloth, blanket, or sofa throw. It is incredibly versatile for outdoor activities as well, use the terrycloth side to dry yourself off after a nice swim, or use it as a picnic blanket. The opportunities with this elegant garment are endless.

  • 100 % cotton
  • Made in Kenya
  • Size: 110 x 155 cm
  • Machine wash about 30°C to 40°C
  • Air dry or tumble dry low heat